Information Technology

University Information Systems Usage

The information systems (including computers, computer accounts, printers, network access, servers, host systems, network wires, wireless devices, bandwidth, software, electronic mail, Web pages, video systems, voice over IP and document imaging systems) at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor are the property of the university and are provided for the use of UMHB students in support of the programs of the university. The use of information systems is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time for misuse. Users may not, under any circumstances, transfer or confer these privileges to other individuals.

  • The information systems are owned by the university and are to be used for university related activities only. All access to central information systems, including the issuing of accounts, must be coordinated through the Information Technology Department based upon approval of authorized personnel.
  • Information systems are to be used only for the purpose for which they are assigned and are not to be used for commercial purposes or non-university related activities. Use of university information system resources should complement the university’s mission and purpose. Registration of domain names using UMHB IP addresses is prohibited. 
  • Students should treat computer programs, electronic mail, and electronic files of other users as confidential unless they have explicitly been made available to other authorized individuals. Authorized personnel (Information Technology Department) may access others’ files when necessary for the maintenance and security of information systems. When performing maintenance, every effort will be made to provide the user with advance notice and to insure the safety and security of users’ files as well as the information systems as a whole. Violations of policies regarding use of university information systems will be reported to the appropriate personnel. 
  • Fraudulent, harassing, sexually explicit, pornographic, offensive or obscene messages or materials are not to be requested, sent, exchanged, printed, displayed, downloaded or stored. UMHB information systems resources should not be used in a manner “that would embarrass or bring discredit to the Baptist General Convention of Texas or to UMHB in the view of their constituencies.” Chain letters, other forms of mass mailings, and non-UMHB official business related mailings are not allowed. 
  • The university has the right at any time to retrieve and view any information stored on its servers and host systems, including email messages. While the university does not routinely monitor users’ email, the university may do so at its discretion in the course of an investigation or in order to enforce the university’s rules.
  • Individuals must not use a computer, computer account, Web page, or electronic mail accounts which are assigned to other users. Each user is responsible for the proper use of the resource, including proper password protection. UMHB students, faculty, and staff must log out of unattended computers. All passwords must remain confidential and must not be revealed to anyone. 
  • Information system accounts that expire or are terminated, along with the files in the accounts, will be deleted. Restrictions on storage space for e-mail files and messages will necessarily be imposed upon e-mail accounts due to physical hardware limitations. 
  • Copyrighted material is not to be copied from or into except as permitted by law and/or by the contract or license agreement with the owner of the copyright. The use of copyrighted material on the UMHB local area network or on UMHB equipment must be in accordance with copyright license agreements. 
  • No one should tamper with or deliberately attempt to degrade the performance of UMHB information systems and network services. Any malfunctioning or defective computer equipment and any servers performing unauthorized network administrative operations (i.e.: DHCP, DNS, POP3, SMTP, FTP Host, HTTP Host, etc.) will be disconnected without prior notification. 
  • UMHB information systems and network services may not be extended to provide access to anyone outside of the UMHB community for any purpose without prior authorization from UMHB’s Information Technology Department. Network services, including wires, network jacks, and wireless network access, may not be modified, extended or expanded beyond the original access point. Unauthorized network devices (i.e. routers, switches, hubs, wireless access points, etc.) are not permitted to be connected to the UMHB network. 
  • UMHB reserves the right to restrict or deny access to any service that may be detrimental to its performance or utilize excessive bandwidth, such as audio or video downloads and on-line gaming. 
  • Loopholes in the security of information systems must not be used to damage information systems, obtain extra resources, remove resources from another user, or gain access to or use unauthorized resources or files. Knowledge of such loopholes must be reported to the Information Technology Department immediately. 

A student’s information systems usage privileges may be suspended immediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of these policies. If the violation is confirmed, the full range of disciplinary sanctions is available, including the loss of information systems usage privileges, dismissal from the university and legal action. Violations of some of the above policies may constitute a criminal offense under the Texas Penal Code (see V.T.C.A., Penal Code section 33.01 et seq).

UMHB students should be aware that Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others are public domain and may be used by the university to determine student conduct.